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Nous avons régulièrement l'occasion de goûter les plats et créations de Christine lors des ateliers ...
Guest - Emanuelle
J'ai contacté Christine pour faire une surprise à mon papa pour la fête des pères. Je n'étais pas pr...
Guest - Michael Sherry
You cooked a memorable meal for the seven of us for Jan's birthday! Thank you for your de...
Guest - Bois michael
J'ai sollicité christine durant mon temps estival, ou nous recevions entre 16 Et 3 personnes.
3 jou...
Guest - MARTINEZ Georges
j'ai participé à un buffet déjeuner pour la Pentecôte, nous étions presque 40 adultes et enfants, j'...
Guest - labalette
Nous avions demandé à Christine de nous préparer un apéritif pour 30 personnes pour fêter les 80 an...
Guest - Frederic P
Pour un repas de famille à 12 personnes lundi de Pâques à la maison, Christine nous a régalés avec s...

  • You fancy a friendly meal, a starter, receive some friends or relatives, but you wish to avoid the hassle of going shopping or you simply do not have time to cook ?

  • For once you would like to spend more time with your guests rather than in the kitchen ?
    You are planning to celebrate a special event : birth, communion, birthday or else…

    As a home chef I will cook for you, at home serving you directly at your table and once the dessert is served, your washing is done and your kitchen cleaned then I just dissapear leaving you in peace with your guests.

                                                          Cuisine, Partage & Gourmandises comes to you !

    After a first contact (by phone or by mail), an appointment is scheduled in order to specify your tastes, your expectations, the number of guests and prepare the event for the best.
    I suggest three options
    - select your dishes
    - Three set menus according to the event and your budget.
    - Specific request with an estimate (it is up to you to choose entirely the composition of your meal).
    My activity can spread in an area of 25km around Saint Saturnin. The prices indicated include the expenses related to the transport and delivery.